Below are all the forms and additional information you need to know before the Camp: 

Note: Please click on Word documents to access all information. Please sign all signature sections with a pen before submitting the document. Thank you.

Application Form: 

This form will be used to consider your child for acceptance

Please answer all questions in this form by clicking on the link below. 

Please Note that the Registration Form is not the same as the Application form. The registration form is only required after your child has been accepted to enroll in the camp. This form includes details of payment and must be endorsed by a guardian or parent before the camp.

Registration Form: 


 This form includes information on media release and medical consent.

Consent Form:



Parent/Guardian information:  

This form contains all the items campers are to bring with them.

Information of What to Bring:



If there are any concerns or need for clarity, do not hesitate to contact Mavis (Camp director) via OR Lisa (Administrative Assistant) via with any concerns or questions, you may have about the camp. Thank you.

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